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Magnolia Lab

MIMOSA | 百年好合

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ABV 16% | 380mL

Main Ingredients
Mimosa, Lotus, Chrysanthemum



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A wedding is a huge milestone in a couple’s life journey, and certainly presents many moments worth reminiscing. In celebration of this important day, Magnolia Lab designed Mimosa, wedding-exclusive liqueur, infused with over ten premium botanicals. Ingredients are meticulously selected to create the finest taste and to carry our best wishes.

Mimosa comes in with the abundance of fruity aromas, such as guava, pineapple, banana, and mango. Its slight tartness balances the nectarous body, followed by the fragrances of mimosa, lotus, chrysanthemum, and various floral ingredients, spiced up with rosemary at the very end.

Magnolia Lab presents Mimosa as a wedding favour, so guests could bring home with them blessings from the couple.

「百年好合」由十多種精品草本調配而成,秉承「五味雜陳」重視味道與體驗的精神,選材用料從味道、屬性、材料名稱以至花語等均有用心。「百年好合」的名字取自其核心材料 – 百香果、蓮子及合歡花。





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