FAQ | 常見問題

1. How should I store Magnolia Lab’s liqueurs?

Our liqueurs are best served chilled and should be kept in a cool and dry place at or below 25 degrees Celsius and away from sunlight.      

2. Do Magnolia Lab’s liqueurs have an expiry date?

Our liqueurs contain a high concentration of alcohol and do not deteriorate easily. However, the taste may change slightly over time and they are best enjoyed within a year.     

3. What is the best way to enjoy Magnolia Lab’s liqueurs?

Magnolia and Roselle can be enjoyed neat, with ice or with mixers. Their distinct oriental botanical flavours can also bring a unique twist to cocktails and complement Asian or Western cuisine. 

4. Where do the ingredients come from?

All herbs used in Magnolia Lab’s liqueurs are supplied by Hong Kong’s premium Chinese herb supplier, 100 Cabinet. 100 Cabinet goes through a meticulous quality control process to ensure that herbs offered are of the best quality. They are carefully sourced from the best origins, where they are harvested at the optimal time with only the most effective parts retained. The herbs are then processed to the highest standard. No bleaching agent and excessive artificial additives are used. All the herbs are guaranteed to be natural and of the best possible flavours.

5. What is the difference between infused, distilled and fermented liquors?

In fermentation, sugar is metabolised by yeast, which releases alcohol as a by-product. Alcohol content produced by fermentation is relatively low. Distillation takes advantage of the low boiling point of alcohol to extract it from water and other ingredients to produce a distillate of higher alcohol content. With infusion, a common method of flavouring liquor, an ingredient is placed in contact with liquor, which extracts from it the nutrients and compounds of flavour and colour that are soluble in alcohol. The three processes are often used in combination to attain the desired flavour and alcoholic strength. Magnolia Lab’s liqueurs are products of infusion. 

As a result of the different boiling points and solubilities of the compounds contained in an ingredient, the same ingredient processed by different methods can result in completely different colours, aromas and flavours in liquors.

6. Do Magnolia Lab’s liqueurs have medicinal effects?

Magnolia Lab’s liqueurs are created to highlight the rich flavours of oriental botanicals for enjoyment as a beverage. Like many common natural cooking ingredients, it is understood that the botanicals used have certain health benefits. By maintaining a balance of their known effects on the body we strive to create products that are enjoyable and soothing to the body. They are not formulated as medicine or health supplements and should not be consumed as such. 

7. Are Magnolia Lab’s liqueurs suitable for all people? 

We hope more people can appreciate the rich flavours of oriental botanicals and care has been taken to create a blend of botanicals that suits the average modern drinker. Like all food substances, our products are not recommended for people with certain health conditions. Magnolia Lab’s products are not suitable for pregnant women, people with serious bleeding tendencies and those who are under medical advice to avoid alcohol.  

8. Does Magnolia Lab offer free delivery? 

We offer free delivery for purchases at or above HK$500. Please refer to “Delivery” for more details.

9. Can I get a refund or exchange if I receive the wrong product or if the product is defective?

If the product you receive is different from your order or defective, please contact us within 14 days for a refund or exchange. Please refer to “Refund and Exchange” for details. 

10. Can customers choose Shun Fung EF Locker for delivery? 

SF Express does not support alcohol delivery, thus SF EF Locker delivery is not available at the moment.

11. How can I contact Magnolia Lab?

Should you have any queries, please contact us via Email (info@magnolia-lab.com) or Whatsapp (96815831). 


1. 我應如何儲存「五味雜陳」草本酒?     



兩款草本酒含有一定濃度的酒精,只要存放得宜,不容易變質,但味道會隨著時間有少許變化,歡迎大家體會時間帶來的風味變化,一般建議最佳享用期限為     一年內。





5. 浸泡酒和蒸餾、發酵酒有何分別?


由於材料當中個別成份的沸點、溶解度等特質有所不同,所以同樣的材料,經過蒸餾、浸泡     或發酵,成品的色、香、味都會各有不同,各有特色。


本產品的設計以讓大眾感受中式草本在味道上的多元性及中式浸酒的文化為出發點,故產品是以飲用時色、香、味的體驗為重的     力嬌酒,而非任何成藥或保健產品,故較少在功效上著墨。當然,正如各樣食材也有不同特性,飲食得宜亦能却病延年,「五味雜陳」從配方設計到選料均精心考慮,平衡各成份的屬性與份量,務求在大家沉醉於味覺享受時亦能照顧到各位的身心。     





9. 若我收到發送錯誤或損壞的產品,可以退貨或換貨嗎?


10. 我可選用順豐智能櫃嗎?


11. 我應如何聯絡「五味雜陳」?

如有任何疑問,請通過電子郵件(info@magnolia-lab.com)或 Whatsapp(96815831)與我們聯繫。