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 Mixology x Herbology 

Our brand name Magnolia Lab is a reference to the magnolia berry, a.k.a. “five flavour fruit”, a unique vine plant that packs all five primary flavours (sweetness, saltiness, tartness, bitterness and pungency) and represents the richness and complexity of botanicals. In Chinese culture, the five primary flavours are also an allegory for the vicissitudes of life.

Our botanical liqueurs Magnolia and Roselle are both infused with meticulously sourced top-quality oriental herbs and can be enjoyed neat or with mixers. 

From mixing cocktails, to using alcohol to infuse oriental wellness concepts and herbology into everyday life, and transforming them into something to be enjoyed and shared with friends—this was a journey into the unknown. Every time we tried a new infusion, the complex taste resulting from the indefinite combinations of herbs, liquors and time brought us on an adventure.

We look forward to the day when delicious oriental botanical liqueurs make it onto the happy hour drink list at your nearest bar!

Why not get creative and mix your own drinks with Magnolia Lab’s liqueurs? Our official website also offers simple mixing tips to get you started.





從調酒,到透過酒讓東方養生概念進一步融入生活,變成一種能與朋友分享的品味與享受,這是個天馬行空的過程。每次試酒,不同中式草本泡出來的酒,一啖啖甜酸苦辣鹹的微妙變化,都是個走向未知的旅程。 希望有一天,大家Happy Hour時,會想到喝一杯令人身心放鬆而具味道層次的中式草本浸泡酒。


Take the journey, make a change


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